Talent Testing Services

As many of you know, I get STD tested several times per month. I really appreciate those who sponsor my STD testing so it's one less thing I have to pay for!

Nequim Pinup and Boudoir

 My local El Paso photographer is amazing and has been so helpful when it comes to adding new pictures or fresh content to my sites. Email and say you'd like to donate to my next photo shoot directly to him! He will add it to my account so that's less I'll have to pay next time, or sponsor the entire shoot! 

Milan Salon and Day Spa

My favorite spa in El Paso. I go here when I get my nails done, massages, facials, and my hair removals. They are the absolute best and my favorite. You can email the giftcard to me at

Photo Shoots

If you don't want to limit me to a specific photographer, I totally understand! Here's ways to donate that will just give me the money and I can use it however I choose. Though I would definitely file in in the "Photographer" section!