Thank You!

Gifts are never a requirement but always appreciated! Gifts are never taken as payment for any sessions. If you include your social media handle or email I will send you a special picture after I receive your gift! All gifts should be sent to Sheri's Ranch or Dungeon Hell Paso.

Help Out For School

I'm going to be heading back to school and need to fund my supplies and tuition. Donations are greatly appreciated and support my journey to better myself as a person

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card




This is the general list of all of my Amazon wishlists! I love organization so having everything separated makes my little heart so happy!

Hell Paso Alt Wear

Want to help me grow my kink collection? Hell Paso Alt Wear has all kinds of kinky toys and fun things for me to have used on me!

Adore Me

Adore me is one of the few lingerie brands that has lingerie in my size. In their sizing I'm a 36A or medium in bras and corsets and a small in panties. They have a wide selection and I'd love any of the sets. If you want me to pick a specific one, contact me

Sex Toys

Fun sex toys that can help me both in filming content as well as having more fun at Sheri's


What girl doesn't like clothes? These are sweaters and regular clothes I can wear everywhere.


These are all things that will help me with my educational goals as well as keep me more organized in my life

Entertainment At Sheri's

It gets boring sitting around Sheri's. These are items to help me stay entertained and relax


Amazon for Sheri's Ranch

This Amazon list is specifically for items that will help me decorate my room or make my life easier while I'm at Sheri's

Filming Equipment

I'm still fairly new to filming my own content. I still use my phone but I would love to up the quality of the videos I produce! These are things that would definitely help me out.

Things to Help Me at Home

This list is just things that would be nice to have while I'm at home


What girl doesn't love a good pair of shoes? I have a variety of gorgeous heels that I can't wait to wear! Are you going to help me out?

Prepper Gear

One thing that isn't commonly known about me is that I am a prepper! I love to have absolutely everything I need to make sure that my family will survive in any type of event. This list is literally just supplies for that cause. Though if you ask any of the ladies at Sheri's, I'm well known for having absolutely everything someone could need!

Gift Cards

Too many options. Gift cards are always welcome! 

Kinky Toys

I love to expand my kink collection. Are you going to help me out?

Lingerie and Costumes

Everyone loves lingerie and I have some ideas for scenes to be filmed but I need the outfit for it!