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I offer one-on-one video chats so you can get to know me better as a person. These can be sexual or platonic, depending on what you're looking for. I have the option for another model to appear with me and you can just be a voyeur and watch us have our fun! These chats are completely customizable, please contact me first so we can discuss a bit of what you're looking for. It is not to sext, if you're looking for that please sext me instead. It's just to be very open and say what you want from a chat.


Public Shows


ManyVids Live

I jump on MV Live occasionally. It's more for me just hanging out and such. If you want to see something specific then you can tip me with tokens. Otherwise I'm going to just do whatever I feel like or whatever makes me happy at the moment.



Chaturbate offers live chat rooms and private chat rooms. Watch me live or whisk me away for our own private adventure.